How Do I Set Up My End Zone Camera?

How do I set up my endzone camera

Choosing the right camera is one of the most important decisions you will make when you are a football coach. Having a high quality camera is one way to help you make the right calls during games. Having an end zone camera also allows you to be in the right place at the right time. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your end zone camera is set up correctly.

Step one

Having a top of the line end zone camera is no small feat, but having one in the right location can pay off in spades. A quality system will allow you to focus on the playbook and the opposing team to a T and oin the winnings. You can also use the system to record video highlights, which are great for watching the big game in the off season. With the right set up, your players will be in awe of the field and you won’t be bored to tears in the locker room. You can also use the system as a sandbox for practice drills and team warm ups. The end zone camera has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you have the time and a little luck, it could be a game changer.

Synchronize your endzone camera to your sideline camera

Syncing your endzone camera to your sideline camera will help you to record and replay plays. This will allow you to evaluate your players during the game in real time. You will have the ability to view the play from any angle, and you can upload the replay to your computer or the Hudl app.

There are two types of End zone cameras that you can choose from. One is a manual controlled end zone camera, and the other is a robotic system that can record and review plays from many different angles.

The manual controlled end zone camera will allow you to operate the camera from a seated position. The robotic system will feature a small motor that will move the end zone camera around. This is a great system to use if you are looking to record aerial video footage of any type of sporting event. The robotic system is lightweight and can record full HD video.

The Smart End zone Camera is a portable end zone camera system that uses the latest technology in the industry. This camera records from several hundred feet away, and you can record from wide or tight sideline angles automatically. The system also includes EDGE Replay, which allows you to replay and tag play clips. The Smart Camera is also compatible with your iPad, and allows you to control your endzone tower from the device. The Smart Camera is also capable of controlling other cameras on the network. The camera can also be used as a second camera, and the camera will record and send play replays to the connected iPad.

The EDGE Replay System allows coaches to view the play from various angles, and to upload the replay to their computer or the Hudl app. The system can also be used to tag plays by run, pass, or ODK. This allows coaches to review the replay in real time, and make adjustments if necessary. The EDGE Replay System also allows you to upload play clips to the Hudl app, which can be shared with other coaches on your network.

Another popular endzone camera system is the SideWinder. This system features adjustable viewing angles, a dual channel controller, and a 20-hour brick battery system. It can also be upgraded to a larger HDMI action monitor. The SideWinder is portable and designed for critical height, and it is used by hundreds of teams. The SideWinder system has been acquired by Darrell Hazell at Purdue University, and Chip Kelly added two SideWinders to the Oregon and Philadelphia Eagles programs.

The SideWinder Stealth-XL Series is a professional portable end zone camera system that was introduced at the AFCA Nashville Conference in January 2013. It features one handle control for pan and tilt action, and a direct-action pan/tilt movement system. This system also features a telescoping mast excursion for optimal height, and a quick release platform.