African Grand Casino Casino Bonuses 2021 R50 Free Money

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When it comes to fairness, transparency and integrity in the casino industry you can always count on The Company. They have all of your bases covered with licenses from Great Britain’s Gambling Commission for customers located within that country; Sweden’s Spelinspektionen; Malta Gaming Authority so as not to create any confusion among other countries’ future customers.

African Grand Casino Casino Bonuses 2021 : R50 Free Money

If you’re looking for a casino with an international atmosphere, then the African Grand Casino is worth checking out. This small but still popular online gambling site offers quick payouts and live chat support to their customers from all around the globe. Keep in mind that they are only licensed by one software provider (Prestige), so if there’s another game or feature that catches your eye elsewhere, it might not be available here!

African Grand Casino Casino Review

African Grand is an online casino with lots of games available to have fun while you are increasing your earnings. African grand has a large variety of bonuses, rewards and incentives that may be used every day. With 18 years experience among the owners of this casino as well as bitcoins being a possible deposit method for players in Africa Grand provides all gamblers with great gaming and responsibility towards gambling responsibly

Registering on this casino is quick and easy. You just have to provide your email, name, last name, date of birth; then go through the nickname part asking for a phone number afterwards. The rest are more detailed like what methods you’ll deposit with or withdraw from which they ask after the registration process because it’s pretty simple so far! This site has an excellent customer service that always makes me feel safe and supported at all times if I need any help – It’s available 24/7 365 days out of year =) African Grand Casino only focuses on South Africans players who can use their Rands here but since there aren’t many countries in Africa (and even less casinos!), most people play elsewhere online anyway — keep that in mind when

African Grand Casino Casino VIP

Africa Grand Casino’s VIP status is available for gamblers who have been playing there and wagering on the casino for a certain period of time. This status grants players with higher withdrawals in one single request, as well as an affiliate program that will allow you to make money off your website if it promotes Africa Grand Casino or has its own page about them.

Bonuses Promotions

Welcome to African Grand Casino! Register now and get 150% welcome bonus up to R2,000. This is not the end of our special bonuses though because you can also claim this offer 5 times which means that your free money could reach a total amount of R10,000. If you’re looking for even more excitement then participate in our egg hunt by following these instructions: look on the website screen for “hunt for eggs” and start hunting down those golden eggs – it will give some great prizes as well so don’t wait any longer!

You want to deposit $10? How about 150 free spins on T-Rex 2 and a 225% bonus! Keep in mind, you’ll get that as soon as your initial deposit of at least $25 is processed.

One of the most innovative promotions that you can find is this one: if you happen to choose EFT as your deposit method then all losses will be refunded automatically, and it’s easy. Every day there are different bonuses available for specific games with unlimited time periods involved. The maximum amount requested in order to receive a full bonus (R100) tops off every player’s daily round. It simply doesn’t get any better than what they offer here at CasinoMaxOnline!

This casino has 100% cash back guarantee on their players’ loss- which means no hassle or guessing when gambling online so take advantage today by checking out these incredible deals now before its too late!


African Grand Casino offers three different deposit methods for its members. The first is electronic funds transfer, which has a special money back guarantee with it as part of the promotion at this time if gamblers use that method to make their deposits into casino accounts. Gamers can also choose any major credit or debit card, and they are able to utilize Bitcoin when making these transactions too!

You can withdraw your money from this casino in the form of South African Rand, but if you want to use Bitcoin then contact their customer support. The minimum withdrawal amount is R500 and there are different levels for VIPs where a maximum weekly withdrawal limit ranges between 500-2500 depending on which tier they’re at.

Every user has to verify their identity when they request a withdrawal from casino. The verification process is done by requesting identification documents and answering an additional phone call that will be set up, which can only happen for the first time of withdrawing money with this particular online casino site. Payouts are processed every Monday and Thursday – all users have 14 days after receiving the initial withdraw confirmation email in order to ensure that everything matches before proceeding any further; otherwise, it may lead to account closure or forfeited earnings if not completed within those given fourteen-day period timeframe.


African Grand Casino has all the games you could want! You can find video slots, table games with a variety of different themes and options. They also have great poker features if that’s what you’re looking for too! So whether it’s dragons or sharks we’ve got your game covered here at African Grand casino. Make sure to check out our awesome selection today before this offer is gone forever!!

Loyalty Rewards VIP

This new program at African Grand Casino is the mother of all promotions. If you’re a webmaster or have your own website, then this might be for you! Sign up to become an affiliate and start promoting their casino today – get paid commission on every player who signs up through your link.

Customer Service

I can’t say enough about the customer service of this casino. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days out of every year as well! It‘s not just live chat either; you have an email address to contact them by that they answer quickly too!

There are many ways you can call South Africa for free, including from a toll-free number.

The most popular method is to use one of the quick dial numbers available at all times on any day and there’s no need to worry about roaming charges while in another country because they’re zero rated!

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African Grand is the new, refreshed online casino that appeals to players of all levels and interests. With over ten years experience in gaming, African Grande has a reputation for excellence at every level – from customer service support through their games selection. They offer an unmatched variety of deposit options (including: Visa/MasterCard; Skrill & Neteller) so it’s easy for you take advantage today!

Withdrawal Options

African Grand is the new, refreshed online casino for players of all levels and interests. With over ten years experience in gaming, African Grande has a reputation that spans from customer service support through their games selection (which includes an unmatched variety of deposit options including: Visa/MasterCard; Skrill & Neteller) – making it easy to take advantage right now!